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Hey, I'm Marine,
Leadership & Business Coach

I believe that healthy growth induces individual, collectiveand organizational development.I help you maximize your business performance and support you and your team at every stage of your development through sales efficiency, mindset and leadership.


75% of startups do not reach 5 years of activity.

The world is divided into 2 categories:
those who go to the moon and those who choose to stay on the ground.

For that, no magic.
But global support between sales efficiency, development and transformation to anticipate and structure your growth.

Source : Les Echos

"If you don't know where you are going,
you will surely end up somewhere else"

David Campbell

Imagine your company with ...

You as a great leader

  • You overcome your limiting beliefs and fears to fully trust yourself
  • You go from business expert to leader of a motivated team
  • You bring together your shareholders and employees while keeping your DNA
  • You transform your teams and help them reach their full potential.
  • You become an example in your sector and in your company.

A sales team with top performers

  • You increase your closing rate and achieve sales excellence.
  • You create sales machine with the good tools at the good place.
  • Your managers become coaches and surpass the objectives set by developing their leadership.
  • You increase the value of your client portfolio by attracting the best opportunities.

Comitted and proud employees

  • Your corporate culture attracts and retains talent.
  • Your teams work collectively around a shared vision and common values.
  • Your employees are successful and productive ambassadors.
  • Your communication is fluid, aligned and healthy.

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Business coaching

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How it works ? 

The power is in your hands. What if you opted for progressive coaching and global development?

Step 1
Immersion in your business & Identification of strategic levers

Together, we review each of the 4 pilars of your business : strategy, customers, organization and teams in order to have a perfect understanding of your needs and your environment. 
It will be the 1st step to highlight your system and identify impact strategies.

Step 2 
Creation of your roadmap

We build and prioritize your action plan (3 to 12 months) to structure and accelerate your growth.
This plan is obviously not set in stone.
It lives and evolves with you, based on your performance and news.

Step 3
Online or face to face session

I share with you my experience, strategies and tools that you need to achieve your goals.
I don't do it for you, but with you.

Why ambitious founders choose me

Because you are here for a long time:

A long-term vision and a personnalized strategy.
Because you are unique :

A differentiating state of mind for an accompaniment in your image.
Because you see big :

Tailor-made processes between automation and humanization.

Because you are on top :

A posture of trust that facilitates strong relationships.

I'm here to organize, structure and optimize your business while keeping your DNA and capitalizing on your first resource: people.

Destination growth. Plan the trip.
Anticipate success.

Let's grow : They chose to go

And had lot the journey !

Julie Garibet
Founder @Lynk Studio

"Marine is a listening and dynamic person, each session was a real pleasure. Her clear and structured method allows me not to scatter. She was a great help, she allowed me to find clarity and to structure my project according to my expectations. Thanks to this coaching, I have signed contracts! I can have peace of mind. I can concentrate on my core business and my client projects! Thank you Marine"

Lucas Heremans
Team @Deskat Influence

"At Deskat Influence, we were growing, it was going all over the place in each department. The problem: no control or structure of the development stages. We start with Marine Villalon, working on our commercial processes, our offer, our positioning. In short, we're going back to basics... What it brought us: + 20% conversion rate, a clear, precise and more appealing offer for our customers, clearer and more manageable processes."

Laura Driancourt
CEO @Projet Adelphité

"Marine takes the time to explain the different concepts, seeks to understand the values ​​of the activity and challenges as necessary to move forward. We have learned a lot!"

A doubt ? The answer is in the FAQ

What is business coaching and why make it a routine?

Whether you are a salesperson, manager, leader, freelancer, entrepreneur or project leader, we all have something to sell. Selling is certainly making money, but not only. Selling is above all knowing your interlocutors, adapting your speech to reveal a need and arouse the desire to buy. It is training to continuously develop your hard skills (techniques, methods, process) but also your soft skills (postures, mindset, etc.). But like any training to have results, you need a certain rigor. This is where business coaching comes in. To help you keep up the pace to become better and arouse preference in the hearts of your interlocutors.

What is emotional selling and why is it important?

Whether from the top of a diving board or a rubber band, the more you think, the less you jump. No matter what you're told, as long as you "don't feel it" you won't jump. You will tell me, "OK Marine, so it's all a question of 'feeling'". Much more than "feeling", emotional selling is based on emotional intelligence and becoming more democratic with companies concerned with retaining their customers. We tend to believe that purchasing decisions are only based on logic, the rational. But the success of a sale is based on emotions. Every purchasing decision is driven by our emotions and then justified by logic. Behind emotional selling therefore hides our ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions, as well as those of others. Indispensable to salespeople, this quality allows them to adapt their behavior to better understand their customers, achieve objectives and close a sale. My mission is to help you explore it in a rational and professional way, by giving you pointers. At the end of your coaching, you will better understand certain key mechanisms and have better reflexes. You will know how to create in someone the emotions that facilitate the purchase decision and achieve maximum sales. You will see the sale differently, like a game, a moment of pleasant relationships, which you will love to play and replay tirelessly.

How is the support going?

- Advice, guidance to move forward and take the next step with complete peace of mind
- Targeted training to build skills in line with your daily life and your objectives - Practice to apply in the stride Execution support to implement certain actions
- Business coaching to guide you in your thinking
For successful coaching, an immersion in your environment is essential.
I therefore always spend time analyzing who you are and your needs in order to offer you 100% tailor-made support.

- A la carte coaching: 1 meeting beforehand lasting 1 hour to get to know each other.
- Coaching Boost: 1 meeting prior to coaching + 1 study of your key documents.
- Growth Plan Coaching: I come to your premises for 1 day or 1/2 day.

Following these appointments, we adjust your program according to your needs, your progress and your reality.

An emergency ? Do not panic. The program is not fixed and lives with you. I am at your disposal and accompany you in good intelligence.

What happens between each session?

Like a preparation for a marathon, the sessions are there to frame your evolution and the efforts are daily. Between each session, you apply what has been worked on and prepare for the next meetings. A blocage ? Do not panic, I am available to answer your questions.

What are the guarantees of success?

Like a sports coaching, the efforts are not to be neglected. Without serious work and commitment on your part, it is impossible to achieve your goals. You have the vision, the knowledge of your business. I bring you the keys to achieve your goals. I do not work for you but with you and am committed to making you benefit from my method, my approach, my knowledge and skills to guide you to success. Success that can be highlighted by your KPIs (conversion rate, average basket, monthly turnover...).

How much time do I need to set aside for this program?

It all depends on the formula selected. In general, we meet once a week or even twice. The level of personal work depends mainly on your progress and your reality. On average, it is between 1h and 3h per week.

Isn't the sales profession dead in the face of growth and automation?

Do you generate leads easily? It's perfect. Now your mission is to convert and keep them. With digitalization, we believe that the commercial profession is dead. But it just evolved. Finding the complementarity between the 2 functions is part of our job to combine the strength of growth and automation with the power of commerce and relationships.

What is it like to be a business coach?

A business coach accompanies a person, a team, a company to help them develop their skills and achieve their goals. He does not do the work for you, but with you.
In a complex world, it helps you grow, to put in place actions that suit you. It guides you and gives you the keys to succeed and find stability between professional life and personal development.
RNCP certified coach since 2022, following my Coach & Team training at JBS Coaching, I share my skills to help you find your way.

I offer three types of coaching:

- Individual coaching: Individual coaching in business aims to guide you in your thinking by revealing your potential. The questions you can ask yourself are many. Here are a few examples: "How do I go from business expert to leader and develop my managerial skills?" - "How to take a step back and avoid burnout?" - "How do I talk to my N+1 and get my ideas across?"

- Team coaching: Team coaching accompanies the leader and all team members towards better cohesion and dynamism. You can call on me if you want to share a vision, improve the functioning of your team, strengthen its identity, clarify roles, for example.

- Coaching of organizations: In a complex world, companies increasingly need to transform themselves to meet new challenges. Still little known, organizational coaching helps companies find solutions within their own system and implement transformation levers.
Starting from the principle that a company is a living and complex system that must find meaning, this support combines individual coaching as well as team or larger group coaching. Its field of action and the themes are vast: development of a shared vision, deployment of the vision within a team, revitalization and cohesion of the actors, skills development to find its area of ​​excellence...

You will understand, the subjects are varied. So do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs and objectives.

How does the payment work?

For à la carte coaching, everything happens online. You book and pay for your session, we meet in video then we plan your coaching session (still in video). Payment for other offers is smoothed over time with invoicing at the start of coaching and then at the end of each month of support. Every payment is secure.

Who are my clients ?

My clients are varied and our method applies to all. On average, these are startups between 2 and 4 years old who want to stabilize their business. So far we have worked with Saas companies, hardware companies, consulting companies, schools, large groups and independents. You will find the customer cases here.

My solution is an innovation, is your coaching for me?

On paper, selling an innovation is easy: it's new, exciting, and in response to a problem that has never been solved before. In reality, it is slightly more complex. Because you are offering a solution that meets a need that your customers are unaware of, your challenges are to precisely define your strategy, the speeches to be used to reveal the need and help your customers take action. So yes, coaching is all the more for you!